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The i-Series ISDN compatible office communications systems are ready today to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Unique system architecture, enhanced with Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology, provides a solid yet flexible foundation for reliability, adaptability and performance. With up to three 64K channels at each extension (depending on configuration), the i-Series is poised to integrate with growing voice and data networks. The security of your investment today is assured by NEC's ongoing commitment to enhancements like the Windows-based PC Attendant, as well as by an open system architecture which encourages third-party application development.

The unparalleled power and flexibility built into each system are further enhanced by Traveler integrated wireless PCS communication and the new generation of i-Series telephones. These telephones offer interactive Soft Keys, built-in Speakerphone, and an integrated wall/desk stand. In addition, i-Series telephones can accept optional snap-in modules, an Analog Module (to directly connect modems, cordless telephones, single line sets or fax machines), a Data Module (for CTI applications) or an Off-Hook Voice Announce Module.

All i-Series systems are built in our ISO 9002 approved manufacturing facilities to uphold the legendary NEC reliability standards. Using rugged common equipment, these systems are built smart and built to last. Port-based design, single-pair wiring and modular components allow for easy expansion of the basic systems.

Perfect for the small growing office, 28i has 28 ports and provides up to a maximum of 16 trunks or 16 extensions. The 124i grows to a 124 port, 52 trunk by 72 station full-featured system. The 704i can expand to a 704 port, 192 trunk by 512 station communications network. With 28i, 124i and 704i, you'll always get the right combination of trunks, stations and peripherals.

Configured as a compact key system, 28i is perfect for the small, active office. Step up to 124i, add telephone data devices and multi-port data modules and you'll get an instant voice/data hybrid network. Migrate into 704i common equipment, add digital and analog single line telephones and achieve PBX capabilities suitable for large offices. This makes 704i your logical choice for growing office complexes and multi-location corporations.

With its expansive feature set, you can quickly customize the i-Series to meet the most demanding application challenges. ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) and Basic Rate Interface (BRI), along with T1 capability (including ANI/DNIS), simplify the most intensive trunking requirements. Advanced features like Automatic Route Selection (ARS) are built right into the system, not expensive options. Other features like Conferencing (four and eight party), Repeat Dialing and the six-port Voice Announce Unit make call handling a breeze. In addition, i-Series systems are fully integrated with NEC's powerful NVM-Series of Voice Mail/Automated Attendant systems.

Offering a wide variety of station instruments, the i-Series has the right phone for every desk. The i-Series telephones can feature interactive Soft Keys, built-in Speakerphone and Wall/Desk Stand and a choice of analog, data and Off-Hook Voice Announce snap-in modules.