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NEC's NEAX® family of PBX systems has been designed for a lifeline rather than a lifecycle.

For nearly two decades, each successive model has migrated to the next, allowing new technology to be adopted when it is practical for the end user.

Relatively simple upgrades have kept NEAX PBXs current in technology and functionality, all while preserving up to 80% or more of the customer's existing investment

NEAX Family of PBX Systems



The UNIVERGE SV8300 Communications Server is a robust, feature-rich solution that can be expanded to meet a medium-sized business’s communications needs for both today and tomorrow.


Internet Protocol Server The NEAX 2000 Internet Protocol Server (IPS) is a full-featured PBX that supports advanced networking, pure peer-to-peer IP telephony connectivity and traditional TDM switching capabilities.


Key and Hybrid

The objective of NEC Key and Hybrid Systems is to help employees of small- to medium-sized companies respond to their business challenges more effectively. Key and hybrid systems are an ideal investment for small and growing organizations that require an advanced communication solution, which is designed specifically with them in mind. Built-in management functions bring value and control to growing businesses. Systems are easy to use, install and maintain resulting in a very low Total Cost of Ownership. All key and hybrid systems are built for the future and are designed for easy system software upgrades. This design keeps your investment current for many years to come.


Whether your business is small or medium-sized, NEC’s UNIVERGE SV8100 Communications Server provides the flexibility to meet all of your communication needs. This powerful, feature-rich solution is completely scalable and can be expanded for future growth.

Electra Series

Electra Elite IPK
The Electra Elite IPK is a feature-rich, expandable key system that provides over 200 strategic business features, including Voice over IP.




Aspire & Aspire S
Affordable turnkey solution for small offices, home offices and today's multi-phone households. User-friendly features allow for simple use, easy installation, integrated voice mail, high-speed Internet access and home networking.



i-Series ISDN compatible office communications, with unique system architecture and enhanced with Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology, provide a solid, flexible foundation for reliability, adaptability and performance.


DS Series

Smallest member of the DS Series. Initial size: 3 lines, 8 key phones and 4 standard touchtone phones. Ideal for residence or small business. Easily expanded to system of 6 lines, 16 key phones and 8 standard touch-tone phones.

Largest member of the DS Series. Initial system size: 48 ports and 4 card slots, which are used for phones or outside lines. It can easily be expanded to full system size of 8 card slots by upgrading to a 112 port cabinet.


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